There comes a point in any content creator’s life where they start questioning their ratio of content creation to content consumption. The vast majority of people on the internet are huge consumers of media and information. However, that’s all changing; we have YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, blog comments (hint hint), etc. as easy places to create something to share with the world. Still, it’s a lot easier to consume content voraciously than to create it.

Creating content is something that puts your hard work out to the world and the harsh judgment of the internet. Creating content is also the only way you can make your voice heard on the internet. How else will someone know what you think or how well you draw or how funny you are? This blog isn’t about creating content, though. It’s about consuming it. Nay, it’s about devouring content.

For the most part, content is remarkably similar to food. It’s not like if you watch a video no one else can ever see it and there certainly isn’t as high a level of scarcity of content. However, people have different tastes, the quality makes a big difference, and it take a lot of time and effort to make sure it’s just right. Yet, content consumers quickly eat up new content and start their search for something else, much like the beloved, Sesame Street-owned Cookie Monster.

Cookie Monster eating a cookie

OM NOM NOM NOM (credit: Sesame Street)

In some respects, you could say it’s a sort of addiction, consuming content. Especially now, in the 21st century. Creators of content have whole teams dedicated to figuring out what the best things to post at the best times are. This creates an interesting relationship between creators and consumers, where the former helps appease the insatiable appetite of the latter. As both a content creator and content consumer, sometimes it’s hard to just be one or the other. And sometimes our role as one colors our role as the other.

The content we choose to consume changes the content we choose to create. We think it’s a great thing because it encourages listening to what consumers want and keeping in touch with them. The best we can do as content creators is to offer a place for consumers to become creators, even in their own world and only once.

Is it scary? Yes. It’s also one of the most rewarding things we can think of. The current age of the internet is fascinating because of the types of audiences literally anyone can have. 15 years ago, Half Lion Media would not have existed. Not just because the founder of the site was too young to have a credit card, but because website design wasn’t as accessible; content creation tools were not as accessible. To be able to have something that was scribbled in a notebook a couple years ago now out there on the internet is a great honor and we hope that you all keep voraciously devouring what we create.

So even though there may be times where Half Lion Media isn’t adding anything new, don’t worry. It’s just a temporary thing where we’re consuming some content, recharging our creative batteries, and getting back to what we love to do: create.

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