Welcome back! Today is the start of solidifying one of the important ideas behind Half Lion Media and you can help out!

Sometimes running a one-person show is a little difficult. That’s why we’re asking you, the readers and visitors of this website, to help out with some decisions. For example, we’ve been playing around with some logo ideas. One of which is on the front page. This same idea is shown below, slightly modified:

Half Lion Media logo idea

Idea for the logo for Half Lion Media

As you can see, there is a theme here: half of a lion’s face and a specific font. The idea is to get two versions of the logo: one that’s great for the front page (around 150 pixels wide) and another that’s great for other websites (like Flickr) that is more square. Now you might be wondering, “why does that lion have an earring, and have an afro, and have some sort of crazy frown lines?” Let’s break it down:

A picture of the head of the deity of Nrsimhadev from Mayapur, West Bengal, India

This was the initial idea and the reference picture.

This comes from a deity of the half-lion, half-man incarnation of Vishnu, Nrsimhadev. This one is made of black granite and is in a village of India called Mayapur. It’s famous in Vaisnava culture as a symbol of protection. Plus, the deity is super cool-looking in person. So since the name of the website is based around the name of Nrsimhadev, I thought to use the likeness for the logo.

The problem is that I wanted the logo to be a vector so I could make it really big without losing quality. That doesn’t happen with such complex features like every gem on the crown. So I decided to re-make it as a simpler graphic. That is what you see as the logo: The ‘fro is a crown, the earring is really an earring, and the frown line is the marking of Vishnu on the forehead. And now it scales wonderfully.

So my request to you all is to get more ideas. As usual, you can put your responses in the comments section below or send us an email to contests AT halflionmedia.com or our Contact Us page. What else would you think of if you had to design the Half Lion Media logo? How would you change this? Is it too scary? Do you like the font?

Everything else can wait, because this is the fun part!

Cosmic Roar!

Half Lion Media

P.S. If you’re interested in helping us pay for our website bills (since we’re not going to use ads at all), you can check out our Contact Us page and click on the donate button. If not, that’s fine, too! More details are on the page.

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