Hello and welcome to the Half Lion Media blog! I wanted to thank you for supporting this simple website, especially through the wonderfully tedious phase that is uploading materials and building a brand of sorts. It is our hope that Half Lion Media becomes an important part of your web surfing. We hope to bring you unique content, whether it be audio, photo, or text.

This post is mainly to go over some details that don’t necessarily make sense in the About Us page. It’s to help you, the reader and visitor, understand where we’re coming from as a minuscule media group. It’s an attempt at telling you all the things that are going through our heads, why we’ve done some things, and where we’re going in the future. The nice thing is that you can have a major voice in shaping this journey. Just be sure to let us know.

First off, I’d like to tell you a little secret. (Notice I used the first-person singular there.) It’s a purposeful decision to say “we” and “our” to make it a group. In reality, it’s just me and I do this in my free time when I’m not working. It’s a really minor point, but I’d rather have that sense of community and use “we” rather than talk at you all and use “me” or “I”.

Secondly, this is currently still a huge experiment. There is no schedule (yet), nor are all the pieces put together (yet). I’m making it up as we (you all and I) go along on this adventure. This isn’t to say I don’t have some sort of plan, I do, as evidenced by the development of photos, the promises of certain features, etc. The only thing is I have no idea what the internet collective will like and how you all will use the information I’m sharing. There are still major decisions to make: the finalized logo, the tone of the blogs, the release schedule for new features. No clue. That is both scary and exciting.

Half Lion Media's namesake: Sri Nrsimhadev

Much like this picture: Kind of scary, kind of exciting!

Thirdly, a few important caveats about this site. I did not code this from scratch. I have some background in CSS and HTML, but nothing this fancy, nor do I have a background in PHP. Therefore, the white bar on the front page will probably not go away. The quirks about this site I still have to learn, so I’ll try to make things as seamless as possible in the mean time. The main things I wanted to have completed were mobile access (working!), ability to like pages and galleries (almost there!) and making sure things were stable (they are!).

Finally, some more logistical things. You can always let me know the answers to these rapid-fire questions in the comments below or via email through our Contact Us page.

  • What do you like most about the site so far?
  • What do you want to see improved?
  • Do you feel like you want to comment or say something? Do you feel like you’d be heard?
  • What would be one thing that would keep you coming back?

Thanks again for visiting, and I do hope that you come back soon. As is common in this age of web development, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook (see: the bottom of every page). You’ll get automatic updates about new blog posts and new website developments. The old tagline for the site was supposed to be “Cosmic Roar,” so I’ll end on that.

Cosmic Roar!

Half Lion Media

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