About Half Lion Media:

Half Lion Media started in 2011 and is dedicated to sharing a new way of looking at things. We strive to share photos, videos, audio, and text that will make you think. All we are is a small, independent media group created as a labor of love by people who do this in their free time.

The name Half Lion Media comes from the Puranic (from the Puranas) description of an avatar (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu: Narasimhadeva, half-man half-lion. Alternate spellings include Nrsimhadeva or Narasimhadev.

How to use this site:

On the front page, you’ll see big, beautiful featured pictures and posts. You can click the buttons to go to the posts. You can think of it like the front page is where featured news is linked.

Otherwise, click the sign that kind of looks like an equals sign in the upper right corner to see where all you can go in the site. Eventually we will add back in our Photos site and some more new content. We’ve already made sure we’ve upgraded our fully-functional blog. For those who are more inclined to things like kirtan (devotional music), there will also be a separate section just for you.

We’re serious about sharing, so be sure to like, “+1”, or tweet things you find interesting on the site. Plus, this site is fully functional on mobile devices, so that’s awesome. If you have any issues or just want to say hi, please Contact Us.

Oh, and if you’re looking for something else to check out, take a peek at the Under Construction page. We’re working hard to get this page up and running at full capacity, but in the mean time, why not check out some of our past forays on the internet?